Unexpected personality that you will think about twice

It is not easy to figure out Mahmoud Said’s real personality without talking to him. At first, you can notice that Mahmoud, 21, a student at the American University in Cairo is a classy person who prefers quietness, peace, and reading novels. These can be observed because of his silence, low voice, kindness, and the book that is always in his hand. After talking with him, you will figure out the opposite characteristics to what you thought about initially.

In his dark blue jeans and black sweatshirt with short black hair, he was comfortable as he talked in a funny tone about his childhood which was very interesting as he moved a lot between schools. He wasn’t that calm student as we can see today; he was an indocile student who did actions that teachers don’t accept, like cursing a teacher to his face because the teacher refused to let Mahmoud attend the PE class which leads to being expelled from Narmer School. Relating to his childhood, he was watching American cartoons in his infancy, and his favorite one was Johnny bravo, this what makes him close to the American shows, movies, and books more than the Arabic ones.

Moving to his youth period, Mahmoud decided to major in Multimedia Journalism (MMJ) and minor in Political Science because his writing and reading skills are extremely good. “If money and career are not important, I would major in History and philosophy,” he said. I believe that this choice is brave for thinking about the future rather than acting for the moment. He believes that history is a tool of telling true stories about amazing characters who he would like to read and know more about; at the same time, history is entertaining for him. Also, reading philosophy helps him to educate his mind and learn about different concepts and ways of thinking. So it is obvious that he is wise unlike his generation who don’t pay attention for reading.

Adding to what he likes, a smile draws on his face when talking about his favorable music types which are rap and rock that no one will ever think that Mahmoud may like these types due to his quietness. Rap is the top for him as lyrics of the rap songs makes him draw an image of the song. His favorite rap song is Kick in the Door by Biggie Smalls. In addition, Quentin Tarantino is his preferable director due to his nonlinear storylines and an anesthetization of violence. Django unchained is the movie that Mahmoud likes because it is beautifully written and the awesome actors. His choice of movies presence the hidden side of his personality which is hard to explore.

In fact, Mahmoud is not only a music lover, he is also a cat lover who owns two cats. He read once an article about the owners of cats and dogs and the difference between them, he is supporting the idea that the article talked about that the owners of cats have a personality similar to cats and who own dogs have some shared characteristics. “I don’t need loyalty from animals, I only need an animal to fulfill the desire of having an animal,” he said. This shows the calm side of his personality that people know and deal with.

In the same time of being a music and cat lover, he is a social media hater. Social media doesn’t have a part in Mahmoud’s life which many might think that this is a weird choice of not using the social media platforms. After being active in the social media at first, he deactivated his all accounts as he feels that these platforms are ridiculous and waste time. Now, he has Facebook and Twitter accounts for academic purposes only. Although, the best way to spend time for him is reading novels. His favorable writer is Ernest Hemingway as he likes his writing style and personality, and he likes Hemingway’s quote which is “Poor Faulkner, he thinks big emotions need big words to describe.” A Farewell of Arms is the deepest book for Mahmoud as it is very simple and well written. Uniquely. Mahmoud is not the type of the people who like to connect the book and the movie, presents the story of the book, together and compare, also he doesn’t care about watching these movies or not. once, he watched Shawshank redemption that tells the story of the book, but he did not like the movie as he liked the book more because it is more realistic than the movie.

Reading makes Mahmoud eager to explore more things in live to the extent that he has a fear of dying because he has a big passion about traveling as he dreams to visit a lot of countries. “I fear of dying before accomplishing anything in my life,” he added. He has a different taste of traveling because he seeks for countries that are not much popular, but has the most amazing places and people. he considers Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, is the best place he traveled to because its old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colorful baroque buildings, and the medieval Astronomical clock.





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