The AUC garden turned to a jungle

While sitting in front of the Catering hole, for the first time ever, my mind draws the huge number of trees as if am sitting in a beautiful forest.

All my senses worked once my mind starts to see this vision. I imagined the cats that I saw as some tigers who seeks to eat and worm each other. Also, the Students were like some survivors who tries to escape from the tigers to not eat they food. Trees where the place that birds stands one and sing their songs. The sky was extremely beautiful as some white clouds that entering the blue ones. This atmosphere makes ants and flies cams out to find their food.

The weather was somehow sunny, but the winds made a mixture with the sun that made the atmosphere outstanding. While drinking some hot chocolate from Cilantro, my mind got relaxed and the imagination became bigger and bigger.

My noise smelled some different scents, like food, hot chocolate, different strong perfumes. My mind relates them with the imagination the it draws. The food ones were like fruits that we can be eaten, but rather paying money, you pay effort. You need to make effort to claim a tree for instance to get your food. The hot chocolate smell replaced with a scent of any juice that you can get out from fruits that dropped out form the trees on the ground. In addition, the smell of perfumes, my mind imagined it as the smell of the nature and its flowers.

I heard some sounds, like footsteps, crashes from the kitchen, birds’ songs, some talks. These footsteps were the owned to the survivors who were running from the tigers. The some talks were also coming from the survivors who were trying to make a plane to eat without getting any attacks from the tigers. the birds were not paying any attention for that was happening in the ground, they were only focusing on singing together in peace and love.

It was really an amazing observation that made my mind worked in that way. The university is full of all of places that my imagination plays a good role on them. The feeling makes me happy as I always like to see things from my own perspective, and this is what really happened.


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