A monster with bad luck

            Imagine yourself sitting in a classroom with your colleagues focusing on what your professor is saying, and suddenly, you find some girls screaming, others jumping over chairs, others laughing, and others not caring about what is happening.

            Oh no, a monster enters the classroom silently without any causing any disruption, but unlucky for it, Farah, a student sees him and starts screaming, that leads to a wave of screams that don’t stop. The classroom turns into a horror place where students hope to leave before the monster touches them, but their fear stops them from moving.

            After one minute of screaming, a brave colleague called Mahmoud decided to face this monster face to face and makes him leave the class. At the end, our hero Mahmoud wins the war and lets the cat leave the class. Yes, it’s a little black and white cat with green eyes that only sought some warm food and a cozy shelter.


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